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PGP Public Key & Notices

PGP can sign, encrypt, and decrypt information. These allow confidential communications to take place over an untrusted medium. The internet is one of many media. Signing allows a user to check whether a message was actually written by someone. A signature needs the associated private key. You can verify the signature using the corresponding public counterpart key.

The simplified description of PGP provided above is just for context. It is important to understand key capabilities, subkeys, and the Web of Trust. You should be familiar with the concepts for safe and effective use of PGP.

You can download my public key from the link below. Or from a service such as the MIT Public Key Server with KeyID: 0x5EC65024DBD5C1CD.

Always check the key fingerprints to ensure that you’ve obtained the right key!

You can download my public key here.

pub   4096R/DBD5C1CD 2016-04-12 [expires: 2018-04-12]
      Key fingerprint = 38F2 45DC 0601 A734 9AC3  4A5E 5EC6 5024 DBD5 C1CD
uid                  Minn Soe (Born in London, GB on May 19)
uid                  [jpeg image of size 5618]
sub   3072R/FB19E483 2016-04-12 [expires: 2017-04-12]
sub   3072R/26E5FBC3 2016-04-12 [expires: 2017-04-12]