Minn Soe

product + design + engineering

Solving problems at the intersection of business and technology_

I’m Minn Soe

A passionate multipotentialite from London with an insatiable curiosity. In particular, I’m interested in the intersection of technology with society and business. As a full stack developer, I’m most effective when contributing work across many roles.

I read Computer Science, BSc (Hons) at King’s College London. During my employment at CERN, I improved services behind academic tracking and referencing. These include both datasets and scientists in High Energy Particle Physics. CERN is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland.

Whenever I have time, I contribute work towards Open Source projects. As a Mozilla contributor, I’ve helped out at the Mozilla Festival for a few years now. You can find my Mozillians profile over here.

What do you care about?

A few of the things that I care about are for human development. The UN Millennium Development Goals, economic empowerment, and sustainability are some of them. We need to preserve the open web and encourage technical literacy. Algorithms are processing data about us in digital form which affect our lives. The open web needs to remain open to provide opportunity. So that anyone and any nation with the skill can build what could be the future.

How did you start?

Armed with a screwdriver and a memory for meaningless prose, I took apart and ran commands on computers, breaking them in the process. I was, after all, just a young child. When I was about nine, I stopped breaking them and started to build them instead. Around twelve, I started my journey in computer programming. My curiosity took me from breaking things to making them instead. I’ve been lucky to have these resources lying around paired with a curiosity and the willingness to meddle with them.